A pioneer in quality control initiatives for SARS-CoV2, Controllab - the largest proficiency provider in the country, launched in September the Quality Control for Covid-19 in the saliva matrix. Next month the Proficiency Test (EP) pilot round will be sent, free of charge, to all interested laboratories.

Covid-19: Controllab expands its portfolio with saliva matrix

This matrix will serve the RT-LAMP and RT-PCR techniques. The program consists of multiple items in varying concentrations, in which the assessment will be made available in an individual results report with concept and another report with a general profile of the performance of the reported kits. The profile contributes to assertive decisions about the systems adopted in the routine.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Controllab has supported diagnostic routines with quality control solutions for SARS-CoV2. The services have been helping the laboratories to keep their routines under control to show the credibility of their reports. In addition to the External and Internal Controls, the Performance Panel and the Lot to Lot Validation are available. These solutions help both laboratories and suppliers and manufacturers of diagnostic kits.

Controllab Internal Controls are third-party materials. They have interlaboratory valuation in different rapid diagnostic test systems (TLR), molecular and automated tests such as: Roche Elecsys (Cobas e601, e602, e411, e801), Abbott (Architect i1000sr and i2000sr), Euroimmun, MagLumi, among others. These multiple valuations allow the laboratory to detect more sensitive variations that are not perceived in the controls of the manufacturers of the analytical system.

The controls are lyophilized - allowing better stability during transport - and distributed in different compositions to meet the most varied routines. They are available for immediate shipment, upon request from the laboratory, or scheduled monthly.

On the last day 10, EPs of the methods were sent to the registrants: molecular RT-PCR, serological and rapid test for Covid-19. Laboratories that carry out the analyzes and have not yet registered are still able to participate by immediately contacting Controllab, as well as those interested in receiving the pilot saliva round.

Access the website or contact us by email contato@controllab.com or by phones and WhatsApp +55 (21) 97901-0310 and +55 (21) 98036-1592.


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