Pioneer in quality control for Covid-19, Controllab will carry out in December the Proficiency Test for testing by molecular methods in matrices simulating meat, meat products and other foods.

Controllab launches external control for the detection of SARS-CoV2 in food
Participation in the EP is evidence of the laboratory's commitment to the reliability of its reports.

Food in the cold chain, in this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, is facing questions for suspected contamination. Fact that generates inconvenience, including suspension of supply between countries.

To assist laboratories serving food routines, Controllab will carry out in December the pilot round of Proficiency Testing (EP) - a tool also known as External Quality Control - for the detection of the genome of the new coronavirus by molecular methods in matrices simulating meat , meat products and other foods.

The Proficiency Test (EP) is one of the mechanisms for controlling the quality of results. It works like this: the laboratory receives samples with unknown results and is instructed to test them in the same way performs food tests in the routine. The results found by the laboratory are sent to the proficiency provider, such as Controllab.

After receiving the data from the laboratories and applying a statistical treatment of comparison and evaluation of the results, the provider issues a report to each participant. In it, it is possible to identify the expected result compared to the reported data. It is information that, when analyzed critically by the participant, contributes to the continuous improvement of the laboratory and, consequently, to the reliability of its reports.

The performance of the group of participants by analytical system shows how efficiently these laboratories are applying the techniques of the system, but inconsistencies can also be verified in reagents batches kits distributed by the manufacturers or even issues of improvements of this analytical system when compared by other groups similar.

All tests offered by Controllab follow the criteria of ISO/IEC 17043 and PEP 0003 accreditation is the evidence of these actions. When participating in the EP, the laboratory will be able to show its accuracy in the analyzes and the reliability of the results emitted in its routine.

For edible companies, ensuring that the food handled at their facilities has not been contagious, or will not be a source of contamination during processes such as cutting or transport, contributes to the confidence of their customers. Laboratory reports are allies to highlight this care.

Contact Controllab to participate in the EP for the detection of the new coronavirus genome by molecular methods for food. Information by e-mail or by phone and WhatsApp +55 (21) 97901-0310 and +55 (21) 98036-1592.


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