Laboratory quality control programs of Controllab promote the reliability of results for multiple exams and allow the monitoring of various routine analytical systems.

Proficiency Tests (PT) and Internal Control (IC) have complementary functions; together, they have the central purpose of identifying the presence of possible analytical errors, enabling the laboratory to implement actions to eliminate their causes. The proficiency test monitors process trends (inaccuracy), commonly related to linearity, specificity, sensitivity, and interfering and calibration characteristics

The internal control is performed in conjunction with the routine analysis of patient samples, to validate the results produced after identifying that the analytical system is operating within the pre-defined tolerance limits, especially the precision of the process (reproducibility).

These benefits are provided in the laboratory of Controllab quality control programs. Among them, the PTs of Gasobio, Gasometry and Oximetry stand out. These controls serve multiple systems and tests, according to the tables shown at the end of the page.

The EP programs follow the criteria of ABNT NBR ISO / IEC 17043 and Controllab is accredited by the General Accreditation Coordination (Cgcre / Inmetro), under the number PEP 0003, according to the scope published at

CI programs of Controllab are considered third-party controls. The materials have valuation between laboratories in different systems and allow the laboratory to detect more sensitive variations, which are not perceived in the controls of the manufacturers of the analytical system.

By enrolling in the CIs, the laboratory has access to the CI ONLINE, the complete management of internal quality controls.

Ensaio de Proficiência Proficiency Test

Systems Gasobio Gasometry Oximetry
ABL 80 Flex
ABL 80 Flex CO-OX
ABL 90 Flex
ABL Series 800
ABL90 Flex Plus
AGS 21
AGS 22
AVL 9180
CM 250
Cobas B 123
Cobas B121 (Omni C)
Cobas B221 (Omni S)
Easy Blood Gas
EML 100
Gem Premier 3000
Gem Premier 3500
Fibrinogênio Funcional
Gem Premier 4000
IL Series
Max Ion
Mindray BS 200E
Rapidlab Series
RapidPoint 500
Rapidpoint Séries
Stat Profile Prime
Stat Profiles pHOx Séries
Gasobio: Synthetic gaseous solution with chemical addition.
Gasometry Gaseous synthetic solution.
Oximetria Total lyophilized blood

Quantity: 3 test items per round – 12 items/year

Materiais Gasobio Ensaio de Proficiência
Materiais Gasometria Ensaio de Proficiência
Materiais Oximetria Ensaio de Proficiênciaa

Ensaio de Proficiência Internal Control

Gasometry Gasobio
CO2 - Carbon Dioxide Bicarbonate (HCO3)
pCO2 Buffer Base (BB)
pH Cálcio Iônico
pO2 Cloride
CO2 - Carbon Dioxide
Lactic acid (lactate)
Materials: Presentation:
Gasometry: Gaseous synthetic solution 3 levels x 5 items x 2,5mL
Gasobio: Synthetic gaseous solution with chemical addition 3 levels x 3 items x 2,5mL
Materiais Gasobio Controle Interno
Materiais Gasometria Controle Interno

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