Laboratory information system company, for 20 years in the market, promotes workshop to present the initiative to Portuguese laboratories

Controllab Parceria Confidentia
From left to right: Paulo Simões, Confidentia’s chief operating officer; Vinicius Biasoli, CEO of Controllab; and Wilson Shcolnik, president of SBPC/ML

Portuguese, Confidentia, a provider of clinical analysis laboratory solutions, has integrated Appolo 3.0 software, its information system (LIS), into the Laboratory Indicator Benchmarking Program (PBIL). In this way, it also became a partner of the program conducted by the Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (SBPC/ML) and Controllab.

Company created about 20 years ago in Portugal, and also operating in African countries, such as Mozambique, Angola and Guinea Bissau, Confidentia has a portfolio of about 80 clients - from large laboratory units, serving around 7,000 people a day, even small labs, with a few dozen daily clients.

It was thinking about the latter, who often live on a tighter budget, that Paulo Alexandre Simões, the company’s chief operating officer, highlighted some of the benefits of the new partnership: “We see the integration of the laboratory system with the program (Laboratory Indicators Benchmarking) as a great possibility for smaller labs to have easier access to indicators as they have more investment difficulties”, he said during the 11th Laboratory Indicator Benchmarking Forum, which preceded the 53rd SBPC/ML Congress in September “With an LIS system that allows direct shipping, you can save time and resources in this operation”, added Simões. The possibility of comparing the data analyzed with other laboratories was another advantage cited by João José Pires Sebastião, director of the interface area, also from Confidentia.

In the Benchmarking Program and Laboratory Indicators, there is a broad portfolio of indicators available to the laboratory. To simplify data collection and improve access to information, LIS developers, such as Confidentia, integrate laboratory systems into PBIL.

Also during the Forum, Confidentia presented the Fernanda Galo Laboratory, also from Portugal, as a successful case of the Appolo software integration with the benchmarking program. In the case of the Portuguese laboratory, 13 indicators were initially integrated, which optimized the process for entering the data necessary for participation in the program.

For Fernanda Galo, who excels in quality and was the first NP/EC IEC 15189 accredited laboratory in her country, this initiative was a two-way street. Conceição Faustino Barreira, the laboratory’s technical director, said that as soon as he met PBIL, he sought out Confidentia, who was already a client. “We developed with them the data transmission platform. We are more than suppliers and customers, we are partners. So I also see Controllab for the labs today”, said the executive, who said the partnership made it more agile: “Time is a critical factor for us”, she said, adding that integrating the system into the program is not it only reduced errors and costs, as did the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations.

The partnership strengthens the PBIL, as Rafael Lopes, Controllab's service manager points out: “For the program, this partnership promotes the reliability of information. This is because data is transferred from one system to another, reducing the possibility of errors arising from manual collection or typing. The partner companies also contribute to the continuous improvement of the program by suggesting points that need adjustments for the indicator to be generated”.

After participating in the Indicators Forum, Confidentia promoted, on October 7th, a workshop on Quality Control, in Santarém, Portugal.

Controllab Workshop Santarem
Representatives of the Portuguese laboratories attending the Quality Control Workshop, in Santarém, Portugal

At the meeting, he announced the partnership with Controllab, informed about the PBIL integrated with the Appolo 3.0 software, for automatic data collection and information reliability, and gave Portuguese laboratory representatives the opportunity to exchange experiences with a Controllab team.

Partnerships between LIS companies and PBIL. SBPC/ML and Controllab began announcing in 2018, when CEOs of leading developer companies made a commitment to simplify data collection. In 2019, the companies that performed the actions aligned in the previous year were recognized as PBIL partners and now have the support of SBPC/ML and Controllab to continue expanding the integrated indicators that are made available to laboratories.

Through this partnership with the developers, users of the Indicator Program and Laboratory Benchmarking will make it easier to automatically enter the information that makes up the indicators into the system. These indicators, enhanced with benchmarking, provide more competitiveness and sustainability for the laboratory.

For more information about participating in the Laboratory Indicator Program, please contact Controllab: ou + 55 21 3891-9900


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