The services of Controllab contribute to the reliability of the reports issued by the laboratories. In this period of greatest burden on the health system, doctors and patients need reliable information to ensure adequate treatment.

Controllab is working to promote reliable exams for you and your family

Controllab is a Quality Control (QC) provider for laboratories of various segments (clinics, blood banks, microbiology, etc.). The purpose of the QC is to identify and measure analytical errors (failures in the analysis of the exams), enabling the laboratory to implement actions to monitor them and eliminate possible deviations. That is why the continuity of these services is essential.

Laboratory services in all segments play a key role in the main processes of detection, evaluation, response, notification and monitoring of public health events.

Well-managed, high-performance laboratory processes are essential for public health. Ensuring the maintenance of these processes is an essential step in protecting the population of a country and strengthening its health system as a whole.

The harbinger of overload to the health sector and, consequently, of laboratory services, associated with the possibility of reducing and adapting technical teams, require special attention from the strategic body in the laboratory.

In this scenario, Controllab - which is part of the health system - has relevant activities in the pandemic period.

In order to guarantee the continuity of its services to the partners and to satisfy the demands derived from the laboratories affected by the interruption of imported controls, Controllab has been adopting several measures to protect its employees and service providers. See some of these actions:

Infographic information

These actions aim to protect the health of Controllab employees and service providers. They provide compliance with the recommendations of health agencies regarding social distance and reduced circulation of people in public spaces and transportation, without affecting the discontinuity of activities. The company continues to be vigilant and improve its actions to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Controllab employees are aware of the role of the company in the health system and have demonstrated their commitment to maintaining the activities of the organization. This adaptation will allow supporting laboratory processes in the midst of this turbulent and challenging scenario for all.

It is Controllab, side by side with its employees, the population and the laboratories, because taking care of life is our commitment.


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