The event is an opportunity to share experiences and information observed in the Proficiency Test for the new Coronavirus.

Controllab Workshop will address relevance of interlaboratory performance for Covid-19

The 1st Virtual Congress of the Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (SBPC/ML) will be held from September 25 to October 2. Addressing the theme "The clinical laboratory adding value in the pandemic of the new Coronavirus", discussions will be presented on the impacts of the disease in the diagnostic medicine sector.

On the last day of the event, October 2, the Controllab Workshop will highlight the interlaboratory performance for Covid-19 and the challenges facing laboratories and reagent manufacturers. Manager Rafael Monsores Lopes and Supervisor Jéssica Gomes, both from Quality Control Services Management, are invited to contribute to the discussion.

The specialists will bring relevant data about the laboratory performance in the Proficiency Test for SARS-CoV-2 in the different reported methods, extracting information that benefit the routines from the critical analysis of the interlaboratory.

The Workshop is an opportunity to share experiences and information observed in the Proficiency Test for the new Coronavirus. In the first round, more than 120 laboratories participated and contributed fundamental data to demonstrate to the market the performance of the analytical systems used to detect the disease. The report that is the result of this round will be explained by Controllab professionals, who will also include the data for the next evaluation.

The event will also be relevant for clarifying doubts about other control tools, in addition to providing guidance for the correct interpretation of the interlaboratory report.

“The evaluation against the results of the other participants is the statistical model most adopted by the Proficiency Test providers, as it presents a consistent volume of results to evaluate accuracy, still allowing the market comparison and the identification of failures that are not perceived in other ways by the laboratory, ”says supervisor Jéssica Gomes.

“Participation in the proficiency test allows you to monitor the trends of the processes, contributing to guarantee the reliability of the results. For this, the laboratory must critically analyze the data obtained in the interlaboratory comparison and consider the evaluation as an opportunity to adopt improvements for the laboratory ”, she informs.

For Jessica, the challenge faced by laboratories and manufacturers at the beginning of the pandemic was arduous, because of the scarcity of inputs for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2, it was necessary to rapidly implement new methodologies for the market. “With these incorporations, the laboratory had to program and carry out several validations in a short period of time and with teams often reduced in order to guarantee the performance of the system and the reliability of the result.. Establishing these studies in the short term, associated with the high demand for analysis and training of technicians for the new methods, was undoubtedly and is a great challenge to the sector ”, she says.

To learn more about the initiative, participate in the Controllab Workshop at the Virtual Congress. It will be held on October 2, from 6pm to 6:30pm, in room 3. Registrations for the event can be made on the website, where it is also possible to consult the entire program. Sign Up!


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