Controllab was accredited by Cgcre of Inmetro (PEP 003) for the main Covid-19 methods. All tests offered follow the criteria of ISO/IEC 17043.

Proficiency Test accredited for SARS-CoV2 adds value to the laboratory

Ensuring the quality of the reports for Covid-19 is a concern of the laboratories in face of the challenges of the disease. To collaborate with the diagnostics sector, Controllab – the largest provider of Laboratory Quality Control in Brazil and Latin America - makes Quality Control available for Covid-19.

Among the tools available in this control, the Proficiency Test (EP), stands out, essential to assess the accuracy of the analyzes. By participating in the EP, the laboratory has the opportunity to identify improvements not detected in the routine. It is information that, when critically analyzed by the participant, contributes to the continuous improvement of the laboratory and, consequently, to the reliability of doctors and patients.

All tests offered at EP of Controllab follow the criteria of ISO/IEC 17043. Recently, the company was accredited by Cgcre of Inmetro (PEP 003) for the main Covid-19 methods. With this, the provider also becomes the only one in the world accredited by Covid-19 research by the methods of Molecular Biology, Automated Immunology and Rapid Diagnostic Test (POCT) * for antibody and antigen research.

Having its processes recognized is the seal that Controllab delivers a reliable service and that adds value to its users.

In this context, the 2nd interlaboratory report for SARS-CoV2 methods. was released this week. The document contemplates a greater diversity of kits and automated systems, in addition to providing detailed graphics for the molecular biology technique, separating it by methodologies (own and in house).

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*According to the EPTIS website.


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