This week, representatives from SBPC/ML, Abramed, Controllab and Pixeon will meet to discuss management, trends and challenges in the laboratory market.

Economic resumption of the laboratory segment will be the subject of a free online event

On December 3, starting at 4:30 pm, the Lab Talk Pixeon takes place. The event, which is online and free of charge, will bring together authorities and professionals from the laboratory market to boost the segment's strategies in the face of the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The moment we are living in has forced us to rethink processes, adapt services and rediscover ways to serve well. And all of this without neglecting security measures. For this reason, we have gathered references from the laboratory world to talk about quality indicators, trends and opportunities and, of course, about the economic recovery of the laboratory market. The challenges involving the management of laboratories will be addressed in lectures that will guide in the search for better results”, says Iomani Engelmann, director of marketing and new business at Pixeon.

The meeting starts with Luiza Bottino - Controllab's services supervisor. With the theme Benchmarking of Laboratory Indicators: importance of data-based management, Luiza will describe how, based on the analysis of benchmarking data, it is possible to outline strategies to boost services and generate better opportunities for the laboratory.

Then, a debate bringing together Drs. Gustavo Campana (vice president of SBPC/ML) and Wilson Shcolnik (president of Abramed), will address the Economic Recovery of the Laboratory Market. The conversation will be mediated by Luiz Garutti - Pixeon's business director.

To close the event, Iomani Engelmann will talk about Diversification and expanding the possibilities of laboratory assistance..

These are contents that will guide the laboratory's strategic team in the search for better results.

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