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To facilitate the analysis of the Control Batch and Reagent Batch graphs, shown in the Internal Control(IC) Monitoring report, the following improvements were applied:

  • • Availability of indicators of the alerts and rejections obtained in the IC monitoring, which helps in the analysis of possible correlations;
  • • Display of the period in which there are no IC results with a different coloring;
  • • Inclusion of a feature to hide weekends when there is no data (IC) reported;
  • • Addition of the month reference on the horizontal axis of the graph and the day of the week corresponding to the beginning and end of the batch use, in the data plotting area;

In addition to these improvements, to contribute to the critical analysis of the laboratory, an added feature allows you to change the scale applied to the graph. By double clicking on the data plotting area, the monthly view is changed to a daily view.

Melhorias aplicadas na área de Análise e Conclusão
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