SBPC/ML and Controllab extend partnership in favor of Laboratorial Benchmarking

The challenges that laboratories face in collecting the standardized information for the Laboratory Indicators and Benchmarking Program have been discussed by SBPC/ML and Controllab in international forums. It was from this discussion that the collaboration with LIS companies was born.

Three partner companies of the Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (SBPC/ML) and Controllab were presented as a success case during the 10th Laboratory Indicators and Benchmarking Forum, which preceded the 52nd edition of the Brazilian Congress of Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine (CBPC/ML). Pixeon, Karyon and Shift - companies that develop Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) - were awarded each of them as recognition for this collaboration, which allows the communication of the LIS with the Indicator Program and Laboratory Benchmarking.

The ceremony, which took place on September 24 in Florianópolis, represented a seal to the work of these companies, which seek, with SBPC and Controllab, solutions to help laboratories throughout Brazil achieve excellence in their services. From the interfacing solutions of these developers, Laboratory Indicators and Benchmarking Program customers will have an easier time to automatically launch their data for strategic comparison.

For the Controllab executive director, Vinicius Biasoli, the partnership between the companies brings benefits to all involved, providing more quality and sustainability to the laboratory sector. According to him, by optimizing data collection and delivering results, the solutions developed by these companies will facilitate the strategic decision making of participants in the SBPC and Controllab program. Biasoli also highlights the advantages of the partnership as "collaboration with the laboratory processes for the accreditation of PALC and ISO 15189, the promotion of indicators in the LIS and the contribution to standardize the indicators with the discussion group."

The expansion of these partnerships should continue in the coming months, with new applications for membership and invitations. Other interested LIS companies may seek SBPC/ML and Controllab.

As a result of a partnership between SBPC/ML and Controllab, the Laboratory Indicators and Benchmarking Program was created 12 years ago; in 2016, it had the scope increased (from 37 to 91 indicators) and received adjustments that allowed the comparison of the data also internationally. With the expansion of the partnership, including LIS developers, the indicators tend to grow for greater process coverage. The program compares best practices with indicators that enable the manager to monitor the performance of his business, assess strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies and improve operational results.