CBAC 2018: Controllab takes knowledge and presents services

As part of its proposal to contribute to the improvement of laboratory activities, Controllab brought more knowledge to the 45th Brazilian Congress of Clinical Analyzes (CBAC), held in Rio de Janeiro from June 17 to 20. Company professionals took turns at free, daily quality control courses. There were 45-minute lessons, in five different hours, during the three days of the event.

Student participation during the lectures was one of the highlights of the program, according to Claudio Bastos, Controllab Services analyst. "We present concepts, but we do not limit ourselves to theory. We exemplify with real cases and ask the students to show us how they would solve the situations," he recalls, who taught classes on Proficiency Testing. "This contact with the public is fundamental to reinforce the importance of quality control," says Bastos.

The public was well diversified. There were laboratory professionals, many of them already participating in Controllab programs; representatives of manufacturers of quality control products for laboratories; as well as students. Among the professionals who attended the lectures, there were also some from companies from other countries, such as Peru and Bolivia.

In addition to Bastos, lectures were given by Leticia Bernardes, Controllab's services assistant, who presented the course on Indicators and Laboratory Benchmarking; Ana Carolina Abreu, Services Assistant, who spoke on Internal Control; and Roselena Montenegro, from the Controllab Testing Laboratory, who was responsible for the lectures on Quality Specification. The participants of each course won certificates and competed for the raffled of two orchids per class.

Aligned with the company's concept of "sowing quality", more plants were distributed to those who visited the Controllab booth. 300 succulents were given as a gift and 60 miniature orchids were raffled throughout the event. Marcio Biasoli, the company's founder, launched two more children's books, "Kariki, the Rebbe" and "The English Pirate" during the CBAC. In the totems available for consultation, visitors were able to meet CI Online, a laboratory management tool developed by Controllab, which also released its service catalog 2018/2019.

All this in a stand that also sought to reinforce the company's concern with sustainability - the "living wall", covered with plants, was one of the highlights of the exhibition area.