We are the largest Brazilian laboratory quality control company

Since 1977 we have been working with the objective of sowing quality and we are committed to taking care of life. The 40-year history of the company is based on the commitment to offer complete and integrated solutions in quality and assertiveness of laboratory results.

The services provided by Controllab facilitate routine for laboratory accreditation processes and regulatory bodies in the broadest portfolio on the market: there are more than 3,500 tests.

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empresa nos somos controllab

We are a full solution company in several segments: clinical, blood bank, veterinary, microbiology and physical-chemical tests for medicines, food, sanitizers, water and effluents, fuels and others, among services that serve hospitals and industries.

With a focus on developing the best user experience, we help clients to provide accurate, indisputable services and that stand out in the national and international markets. We have unique know-how in quality control solutions. We have the exclusive support of important scientific societies and the recognition of the main standards related to our performance: ISO 9001, 17025, 17034 and 17043.

Our story

Vanguard, leadership, quality and professionalism: Controllab is represented by the trajectory of Mr. Marcio Biasoli, son of a pharmacist, from where he inherited the deep respect and concern for the health of the population.

Marcio Biasoli

Controllab President


Marcio Biasoli creates the biochemistry internal and external control program for 20 laboratories.


On July 12, 1977, Controllab was founded.


Inclusion of educational materials, courses, advice and calibration services. The services were updated, following international protocols.


ANVISA recognition as a proficiency test provider; Accreditation as a Cgcre/Inmetro calibration laboratory; ISO 9001 certification; Online System Software.


Laboratory Indicators Program; Blood Bank/Hemotherapy Program


Start of the L'Avenir project; Partnership with the Brazilian Society of Veterinary Medicine (SBMV) and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz); Launch of the books "Management of the analytical phase for laboratories".


Availability of digitalized tests; Quality control for testing laboratories.


Accreditation as a CRM producer by Cgcre/Inmetro; Expansion and internationalization of the Benchmarking and Laboratory Indicators Program.


Accreditation as a CRM producer by Cgcre/Inmetro; Expansion and internationalization of the Benchmarking and Laboratory Indicators Program.


International Expansion; Partnership with the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA); Partnership with LIS companies; Launch of CI ONLINE and Analytical Quality Management Software;


Pioneirismo nas ações de controle de qualidade laboratorial para Covid-19, recebendo o reconhecimento como primeiro provedor acreditado mundialmente para todas as metodologias de detecção do vírus.


Vinícius Biasoli

Diretor Executivo Controllab


The Controllab team is formed by a team with more than 300 direct employees, allied to an extensive scope of technical-scientific advisors who maintain their commitment to updating, innovation and the quality of services. Installed in Rio de Janeiro, in approximately 10,000 m2 of built area, Controllab is divided into two structures:

Preparation of Materials

Designed to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices for items for Proficiency Test, Internal Control, Reference Materials and Control Strains. It has areas of chemical and biological production, quality control laboratory, sterilization areas, cold chambers and freeze dryers.


It encompasses all sectors involved in the proficiency test, calibration, advisory, training and business administration management process. Among them, Customer Management, Quality Assurance, Service and Project Management, Information Technology, Marketing and New Business.

Solid Principles

Our values and principles are solid and we want to spread them even more, as we are sure that they are what unite us with our partners and customers.


To provide efficient services, guaranteeing indisputable performance and accurate results for our customers.


To be references in the Americas in offering services and technologies for quality control, providing reliability for laboratories and safety for citizens.


Competence, experience, confidence and innovation.

Our Numbers

+ 45 years

of history
and performance

+ 3.500 tests


04 accreditations


15 years

of accreditations


Offer services that meet the real needs of our customers through the search for new opportunities and constant technological updating, keeping our quality management system in a continuous process of improvement, with total involvement and commitment of our employees, attending

Note: all Controllab services are supported by procedures for handling doubts, suggestions or complaints. These procedures are available for consultation by the interested parties.

Accreditations, Certifications and Qualifications

Continuous improvement, based on quality and reliability, provides Controllab with the following recognitions:

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According to the scope published in www.gov.br/inmetro

According to the scope published in www.anvisa.gov.br


With the challenge of seeking new paths and expand scientific knowledge to offer better solutions to its customers, Controllab establishes partnerships with scientific societies and universities.

Controllab Branding Guidelines

In January 2021, Controllab announced the evolution of its brand. Following the company’s trajectory, the new branding reflects the zeal for quality and care for life.

Note: Controllab grants the laboratories registered and active in the Proficiency Test the authorization to use the Quality Control Seal (CQ Seal) in their media. The QC Seal is evidence of active and continuous participation in External Quality Control.

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