Ensaio de Proficiência (EP)

Demonstrate the reliability of your results​

The Proficiency Testing (EP), also known as External Quality Control (EQC), is an effective quality control tool for determining the analytical performance of the laboratory and a necessary requirement for laboratory accreditation processes (ISO 15189, ISO 17025, PALC-SBPC/ML, DICQ-SBAC, etc.) and regulatory bodies.

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Standardize the analytical stage against the market

Assess the efficiency of internal control and ensure its suitability for specific methods

Evaluate and monitor the performance of laboratories in specific tests

Identify hits and compliance

Determine the performance characteristics of already established methods and/or new methods and technologies

Provide corrective/preventive actions

In summary, in addition to assessing technical quality, the Proficiency Testing is:

Mandatory by regulatory bodies

Accreditation process and bidding prerequisites

Requirements for accreditation with the main health insurers

Differential against to the competition


Continuous improvement, based on quality and reliability, has given Controllab some recognition for the Proficiency Testing:

According to the scopes
published in www.inmetro.gov.br

How can Proficiency Testing
help in your laboratory?


Assessments are continuous, with regular intervals, annual targets and multiple items in varying concentrations. These assessments are the result of statistical studies and analysis by experts, whose reports commonly point out errors, possible causes and considerations on the overall performance of the participants. These actions take place so that each one can compare their performance with the others, at the moment and over time.


Management information is dynamic and optimized, with indicators and graphs that facilitate the identification of the laboratory’s analytical performance and provide an agile and objective analysis of the tests that need immediate action.


Controllab’s Proficiency Testing keeps track of performance on results. It provides a list with possible causes of non-conforming results and centralizes the information in the same environment, for management evolution and evidence in audits.

How it works?

Learn more about how Controllab Proficiency Testing works by clicking on the steps below.

How it works?

Learn more about how Controllab Proficiency Testing works by clicking on the steps below.


Proficiency Testing with rounds at regular and continuous intervals, annual targets and multiple items with unknown results for analysis. Structured in ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17043.


Organizations of different sizes compare their analysis with consolidated laboratories in analytical excellence.


Sending samples that simulate routine testing. The laboratory reports the results online together with information from the analytical system for Controllab to perform the comparison and evaluation.


Comparison based on the most specific groups and limits applied according to statistical studies based on ABNT NBR 13528.


Individuals with the performance of the round and graphs of the Deviation Index and Z Index; global market with technical and marketing information and continuous performance over the period.


Management center with summary of analytical performance and indicators to achieve the goals of excellence in analysis.


Continuous participation is an investment in quality and can be disclosed through the registration certificate, disclosure seal and certificates of proficiency.

The certificate of enrollment and the quality control seal are available after 3 months of participation in the program. Annually, the laboratory receives the certificate of proficiency for the tests that obtained continuous participation and that reached the minimum level of performance.

These documents demonstrate the commitment of the laboratory to proficiency testing and support the marketing of the laboratory, favoring the transparency of information and valuing participation in the service.

They have a format that gives more trust and credibility to customers, doctors, patients, auditors and other stakeholders in the organization.

The Clinical Proficiency Testing has the seal of the Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine (SBPC/ML).

The veterinary program is supported by the Brazilian Society of Veterinary Medicine (SBMV).


Controllab offers complete solutions for quality and assertiveness of results. These solutions facilitate recognition for accreditation processes and regulatory bodies.

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