The technical competence of the testing laboratories is evidenced by the fulfillment of the requirements of the NBR ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

In physical-chemical testing laboratories, the data obtained from the processes and analyzes performed by them are responsible for detecting a series of problems in different materials, equipment and routines.

Quality control is fundamental to guarantee the credibility and reliability of this data, identifying errors, flaws or non-compliant situations, allowing the service to reach the customer with excellence.

fisico quimica
Ensaio de Proficiência (EP)

Periodically checks the accuracy
of the results.

controle interno en 2

It monitors systems analytical performance
with each routine.

Strains Control (SC)

The Bacteria Library and Fungal Collection
of your laboratory.

Materiais de Referência Certificados (MRC)

It adds more precision and traceability
to the analytical process.

Calibration of Instruments (CA)

Prevents measurement errors in analysis.


Controllab offers complete solutions for quality and assertiveness of results. These solutions facilitate recognition for accreditation processes and regulatory bodies.

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