July 9, 2024
POCT Internal Control for Influenza A and B: monitoring routines for accurate reports
The Controllab Program includes three distinct levels (positive for Influenza A, positive for Influenza B, and negative), allowing the evaluation of interferences and cross-reactions in analytical […]
July 8, 2024
SBPC/ML and Controllab innovate with indicators to improve quality in laboratory microbiology
The pilot project includes microbiology indicators to enhance efficiency and safety in clinical laboratories SBPC/ML and Controllab, partners in the laboratory module of indicators, are once […]
July 2, 2024
Controllab expands its international presence and promotes the quality of healthcare services
The company’s membership in important International Scientific Societies and global events reflects its ongoing commitment to excellence. In recent years, Controllab’s pioneering trajectory, leadership, quality, and […]
June 18, 2024
SBPC/ML and Controllab formalize partnership with Softeasy for the integration of indicator data
New strategic partnership promotes more efficiency and reliability in decision-making in the laboratory sector. In a significant move to improve the management of laboratory indicators, the […]
May 16, 2024
Elevate your knowledge with the class on the pre-analytical phase of the veterinary laboratory
Controllab has made available for free the recording of the Online Meeting that addressed the theme. The recording of the class “Understanding the main pre-analytical points […]
March 11, 2024
SBPC/ML e Controllab promovem curso para capacitar Residentes Médicos em Patologia Clínica
Iniciativa entre as organizações gera conhecimento sobre a Gestão do Controle da Qualidade. Em parceria exclusiva, a Sociedade Brasileira de Patologia Clínica/Medicina Laboratorial (SBPC/ML) e a […]
January 19, 2024
Controllab issues a proficiency certificate that highlights the excellence of the analyses
Establishments that have received certification can demonstrate their commitment to quality to the public. Controllab has issued the 2023 proficiency certificate to all establishments that met […]