Partnerships between Controllab and suppliers of in vitro diagnostic products offer quality assurance, more interaction and knowledge exchange. ​

Controllab, in its continuous search to disseminate the quality of the results of the exams, provides diagnostic suppliers with solutions that promote the quality of their products. Among them, participation in programs that provide continuous improvement of laboratory results and in vitro diagnostic products.

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Suppliers: know the solutions that help
evidence the performance of your products

Linearity Check and Calibration

In this program, test items produced with a rigorous serial dilution are sent, in order to cover a larger range of concentrations. After analyzing and sending the results, Controllab performs the verification (by interlaboratory comparison or internally) of the analytical system’s ability to reproduce results linearly according to its specification.

Batch-to-batch validation / Shipping

Checks the proximity of results obtained with the new batch and the current batch to detect any significant deviations in the performance of the reagent and, then, define whether there is a need for a replacement of the reagent batch.

Performance Panel

Used to evaluate and validate new test methods and equipment, the service demonstrates the reliability of the systems. Composed of positive and negative items, with varied concentrations and heterologous items obtained from different donors in the regions of Brazil, this panel is previously valued by different analysis methodologies. The use of low reactive control materials allows obtaining valuable information regarding analytical capacity and variations between reagent lots.

Development of customized internal control for analytical systems

Internal control is a tool that enables greater reliability and accuracy of results. The absence of reference values for an analytical system may represent an obstacle for suppliers to enter the market. Controllab has extensive technology and productive capacity in the development of customized controls for the various analytical systems available on the market. In this way, the manufacturer has the opportunity to have a specific quality control material to offer along with his system.

More solutions that cater to service providers
in vitro diagnostic products

Além das soluções descritas, os In addition to the solutions described, suppliers can benefit from services that add more reliability and precision to their processes. See the options available for Certified Reference Materials and Instrument Calibration.

Materiais de Referência Certificados (MRC)

It adds more precision and traceability to the analytical process.

Calibration of Instruments (CA)

Prevents measurement errors in analysis.


Controllab offers complete solutions for quality and assertiveness of results. These solutions facilitate recognition for accreditation processes and regulatory bodies.

Collaborating Supplier Program Partners

Many companies are part of the Contributor Supplier partnership to demonstrate and to ensure the quality of their products. See related benefits for some benefits obtained by these companies.

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